At COMEXEM we aim to offer you a wide choice of products and to match them to our customers’ expectations. We currently offer 3 types of milks in several sizes and packages: 1L bottle, 1L and 20cl carton of milk, fully recyclable.

Our whole milk is the richest in fat, and therefore, the one that has the most flavors thanks to the cream present in it. The cream present in the whole milk allows it to have more pronounced aromas. It is recognizable by the red dominant of its packaging.

We also propose semi-skimmed milk, which is the most consumed by the French. It has between 15 and 18 grams of fat per litre and is distinguished by its blue packaging.

Finally, we produce skim milk, which, with its low fat content (less than 5 grams per litre), makes it the milk with the slightest taste. It can be identified by its green packaging.

Our milks are entirely produced, collected and processed within the European Union industries.

Depending on demand, we can also produce other dairy products such as butter or cheese.


Composed of 15 essential nutrients, milk has many essential characteristics for the proper functioning of our body.

Dairy products are an excellent source of calcium that promotes growth and bone health.

Many vitamins (A, B6, B12, D, etc.) are present in milk and, associated with each other, bring many benefits to our body.

Its composition of saturated and unsaturated fatty acids contributes to the construction of cell membranes, which allows to prevent certain diseases.

It also participates in the proper functioning of the nervous system and strengthens the immune system.

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Discover in video the process of elaborating a 20cl carton of whole milk.

From the cow’s udder to final packaging, COMEXEM presents all the steps of Zabor Lait’s production !


To date,Comexem has its own brands : Aceites Ferreiro, Che Freedom Spirit, Mikuna et Zabor.

And because the values of the fairtrade are at the core of Comexem’s development, we are committed to the cooperatives of small local producers through our brand « ZABOR »

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