Zabor Jus is above all delicious beverages made of fruits rich in vitamins.

Our brand offers a wide range of flavors that can be adapted to your needs.

You can find three categories of products which are differentiated by their conception mode, as well as their fruit content.

We produce “100% pure juice” fruit juices rich in vitamins and minerals. With better taste, they are made from freshly squeezed fruits and do not benefit of additional sugar.

Our fruit juices from concentrate (ABC) are made from dehydrated fruit juices, which allow us to get a concentrate to which we add the same amount of extracted water to reconstitute it.

We also propose a range of nectar constituted, on average, with 30% of fruit mashed or pulp, and then completed with water. Contrary to popular belief, the nectar is the drink with the least amount of fruits.

Our beverages are in bottle and carton of 1L. For nectars, we also propose family sizes of 2,5L and 5L. All our packaging are fully recyclable.


The fruit juices are a real source of beneficial nutrients for our organism.

Very known for its antioxidant properties, vitamin C has a positive effect on the immune system and therefore, on the protection of our cells.

The fruit juices guarantee an intake of magnesium and potassium (minerals) that are favorable for the development of our muscles.

We can see a significant energy gain after the absorption of carbohydrate which are present in the fruit juices.

FOOD & drink solutions

We are working with a lot of well-known brands from all over the world,

which allows us to adapt to our customers’ needs.Our slogan « Food & Drink Solutions » guarantees that whatever your request, we will find the right solution to meet it.


To date, Comexem has its own brands : Aceites Ferreiro, Che Freedom Spirit, Mikuna et Zabor.

And because the values of the fairtrade are at the core of Comexem’s development, we are committed to the cooperatives of small local producers through our brand « ZABOR »

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