we aim to build a close relationship with our partners in order to provide quality service.


It cannot be emphasized enough : trust is the basis of a lasting relationship. A relation that is ultimately based on sharing, confidentiality, quality of exchanges and the involvement of both parties.Beyond trust, we also want to build a close relation with each of our partners in order to successfully achieve their development.


Satisfy our consumers is primordial. For that, being attentive to their needs is essential. Each requestis studied and thought out in order to propose an appropriate solution. Being available is an essential social skills to preservethe proper functioning of the collaboration and the quality of our services.


Since its creation in 2012, COMEXEM has acquiredexperience and taken advantage of its know-how to respond to the customers’s request. The company is constantly growing and planning for the future. That’s why we prepare the commercialization of our new brands, always with the desire of satisfy our customers.


Our goal is to adapt to each of our consumers. For that, we adapt to their request to find the products they need at the best price-quality ratio. The respect of commitments is the key of professionalism and we are completely invested in our mission which is to best meet your expectations.

Our brands

To date, Comexem has its own brands : Aceites Ferreiro, Alba, Che Freedom Spirit, Mikuna et Zabor.

And because the values of the fairtrade are at the core of Comexem’s development, we are committed to the cooperatives of small local producers through our brand « Mikuna »

You have questions ?

Our sales team will be happy to answer you and find the most suitable solutions.