Wanabana et Ozy are a range of products elaborated with fresh fruits picked ripe. The harvest, the transformation and the packaging are done near the harvest’s place, in order to avoid losing the taste and keep together all the fruits’s properties.

Mashed fruits, pulps and smoothies are transformed by an exotic fruits producer in Ecuador. The factory, which is located in Quito, not far from Esmeralda’s plantations, is BRC, Global GAP, FDA USDA, U Kosher certified.

A quick one-minute pasteurization at low temperature preserves the freshness and nutritional properties of the fruits, especially their vitamins, with a potential conservation of 10 months at room temperature.

There are no added sugars, preservatives or bisphenol A. The only additives used are citric acids or vitamin C to preserve the fruits and its color. The sugar rate of the fruits is measured before their harvest. The pulps are natural, with no added concentrated sugars or fructose.


Products’ practicality : With their format, you can transport it easily with you.

Easy and timesaver : unnecessary to peel or filter your fruits for the preparation of a 100% natural juice.

End of waste: there is only the eatable part of the fruit, without peel or seeds.

Constant availability : you will have a permanent availability of fruit pulp along the year.

High nutritional value : natural product, source of fibers and vitamin A, E, C, proteins, natural sugar, water and it doesn’t contain cholesterol.


Our products Wana Bana are intended for professionals as well as for all cooking-lovers. They will offer you an inimitable flavor for your smoothies, cocktails, ice creams, sorbets, desserts, cheesecakes, mousses, pana cotta and other pastries. Unsweetened, they can also be used in salty preparations.

Their presentation in the form of a Doypack flask makes them easy to use and preserves the fruits pulps from air and bacteria, thus ensuring their good conservation (keep it dry and then chilled after opening).

Our Ozy smoothies are intended for all those who wish to consume fruit-based products that are wholesome for the health.

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