Our Brand Mikuna includes all of our products from cereal production : flour, rice and coffee. We select carefully local producers who, like us, want to produce premium quality products and meet consumer’s expectations.


We produce T65 wheat flourin packages of 1 Kg and 25 Kg.

Ideal for all your creations, it will allow you to make pastries, cakes, crepes, bread, etc. It can be used alone or mixed with other types of flours more complete which will bring additional nutritional values which are better for the organism.

Our flour is declined in two categories, recognizable by the color of their packaging :

A first version holding the “Label Rouge”, produced from wheat of “Culture Raisonnée Contrôlée©”, certified and 100% French. It guarantees the premium quality of our flour.

A second version with the Organic label, produced from 100% French organic wheat. It certifies a respectful production of the environment, without chemical products, and supports the committed producers.

Moreover, with an A nutritional score, our flour guarantees you a superior nutritional quality.


COMEXEM offers an excellent quality of Basmati rice from Pakistan. This long-grain rice is one of the most perfumed and refined. Quick to cook, it allows to realize many dishes with a very low caloric intake.

Visually similar, but slightly different in terms of taste, we also produce a range of Jasmine Scented rice from Vietnam. It is one of the most consumed rice in the world and is also suitable for all types of dishes.

About the packaging, we distribute packages of 1Kg, 5 Kg and 20 Kg.


About the coffee, we are a distributor of raw materials. That is to say that we supply green, washed and dried grains, ready to be roasted in 80Kg packages.

Our grains from Latin and Central America, once roasted, are used to create Arabica coffee, known for its sweet and fruity notes.

As for the grains from Vietnam, they are used to make Robusta coffee which, as its name reveals, is full-bodied and bitter. Its caffeine content is higher than in Arabica coffee.

FOOD & drink solutions

We are working with a lot of well-known brands from all over the world,

which allows us to adapt to our customers’ needs.Our slogan « Food & Drink Solutions » guarantees that whatever your request, we will find the right solution to meet it.

our brands

To date, Comexem has its own brands : Aceites Ferreiro, Che Freedom Spirit, Mikuna et Zabor.

And because the values of the fairtrade are at the core of Comexem’s development, we are committed to the cooperatives of small local producers through our brand « Mikuna »

our other brands

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