Our team spirit is one of our greatest strengths and the commitment of each member is the key to the proper functioning of the company.

Through their specialties, personalities, interpersonal skills and versatility, each person contributes to the building of the company, which allows us to reach our goals.

The diversity within our team favors interactions with all our partners across the world because a large number of countries and cultures are represented. We also know how important it is for you to know who you are collaborating with, so we wanted to introduce you the people behind Comexem.


Alexis Ferreiro

Dynamic and experienced Leader, he manages the company and defines the different orientations to follow in order to lead any operation to success.

Karine Merini

In charge of the accounts management, she references all the financial operations of the company.

Ali Belaachet
Trading Division Director

He is in charge of sourcing international suppliers who can best meet our needs. He prospects and sells our products at the best price, especially thanks to the optimization of transport means.

Haitao YU
Sales Assistant

In direct contact with our partners, he coordinates the orders and guarantees the proper transit of the goods until their payment.

Typhaine ALVAREZ
Sales Assistant

Intermediary between the society and the customers, she ensures the orders process, the monitoring of transport as well as the analysis of sales.

Helena Azevedo
community manager

Company’s spokesperson on Internet, she creates editorial contents to animate the different communities of our social networks.

David Pradels
Graphic & Webdesigner

From the graphic charter to the video editing, he creates all the digital and print visual supports of the company as well as the design of our digital platforms.

Maïlys Levanic
Bachelor of Marketing and Commerce apprentice

It participates in the development of the communication of our brands and established strategies, and also provides support to the sales department, in order to diversify its knowledge and skills in the field.

Ogulcan Kartal
NVQ Multi-skilled trade worker

He aims to develop his skills in the field of trade and supports the sales team.

External Consultants

Dominique Tanguy


He supervises the development of the brand Che Freedom Spirit on the whole French territory.

Amandine Miel
chartered accountant

Society AZERFI
She analyzes the regularity of the accounts and uses her financial, fiscal and legal skills to guide the company in its decision taking.