Veritable goldmine, olive and sunflower oils are essential to have in your kitchen.

In order to make you consume natural and healthy products, Aceites Ferreiro offers you oils with delicate flavors, light and pleasant taste but especially with high quality. Cooked or raw, these oils present many beneficial properties for our body that we should include in our daily diet.


To date, we propose 3 types of olive oils :

A virgin olive oil that has not been blended with others olive oils, that ensures its purity. It is only slightly heated during the extraction of the oil in order to preserve its properties and quality.

Our extra virgin olive oil is the result of a first cold pressure, extracted only by mechanical processes, without use of chemical products or heat, which allows it to conserve better taste qualities.

Virgin olive oil and extra virgin olive oil are also distinguished by their acidity rate (respectively 2% and 1% maximum). The extra virgin olive oil is a quality olive oil with a pleasant taste in the mouth because it is more fruity. It is therefore the one used to dress salads or to cook all types of dishes.


We also produce « orujo » oil (olive pomace oil) from wet pomace (or two phase pomace) which consists of a more or less compact paste containing between 2 and 3% oil inside.

As well as lampante olive oil, its acidity, its aroma and flavor are not very pleasant and give it unsuitable for consumption, and consequently it needs to be refined. After that, it is mixed with virgin or extra virgin oils that bring it flavor, colour and aroma.


Very famous for its healthy properties and richness in vitamins, olive oil has many qualities and attributes that can impact positively our health.

The acids contained in the olive oil help to prevent diseases (coronary and cardiovascular diseases) and offer an anticoagulant effect as well as a better control of the blood pressure.

Vitamins E, C as well as polyphenols provide oxygen to the cells and slow down their aging process. In this way, these elements help to fight the causes of some diseases.

An italian study demonstrated that half of people tested suffering from diabetes (type 2) and having adopted a mediterranean diet based on a healthy nutrition and olive oil, don’t need a treatment to regulate their glycemic index.

It has a great anti-inflammatory effectiveness, allowing to relieve mainly muscular or articular pains.

It helps the digestion of nutrients and contributes to the proper functioning of these organs since it boosts the work of the gallbladder.

The olive oil allows to nourish hair and skin deeply.


From oleaginous seed, our sunflower oil is virgin and comes from a first cold pressure. The sunflower offers its color and its fruity taste to this oil, which is ranked third in terms of French consumption. Moreover, the production of oilseeds is one of the most important in the world.. Its richness in essential fatty acid makes it interesting from a nutritional point of view, and its neutral and stable taste during cooking as well, from a dietary perspective.


As the olive oil, the sunflower oil have many qualities :

It is the richest oil in vitamins E. Combined with Omega 6 and 9, it provides an antioxidant effect and thereforepromotes the proper functioning of our organism because they are real protectors of the cardiovascular system and stimulants for our immune system.

It has been scientifically proven that it can reduce cholesterol in the blood.

In the same way that it promotes cell growth, it also strengthens the immune system, prevents aging and acts as an endocrine and nervous regulator.

It also has nourishing and softening properties that prevent skin dehydration.

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