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Are you company working in the trading of alcoholic or
non-alcoholic beverages ? Are you a all kinds of products
distributor (seeds, dairy products, coffee, cocoa ...)
and you are looking for the good partner for a collaboration?

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Our collaboration with internationals olive oil producers
allows us today to offer you an important choice
of virgin olive oil, extra virgin olive oil ....
As well as our own brand "Aceites Ferreiro".

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COMEXEM est une société spécialisée dans l’importation,  l’exportation et la distribution de boissons et produits alimentaires. L’activité initiale portait sur la commercialisation de boissons non alcoolisées. Désireuse de diversifier ses offres, l’entreprise propose désormais des grains en tout genres (riz, café, cacao, quinoa…), des boissons alcoolisées, des jus de fruit, des bières, spiritueux, cigares… ! COMEXEM s’adresse tant aux TPE, aux PME, qu’aux Grands Comptes, qu’ils soient en Europe, en Asie, en Amérique Latine ou en Afrique.

Comexem, Food and Drink Solutions

Comexem is a company specialized in the import, export, and distribution of drinks and food products. It was born from the initiative of Alexis, a Cuban creator based in France whose initial activity was the marketing of non-alcoholic beverages. Aiming for diversifying its offerings, the company now offers cereals (rice, quinoa…), alcoholic beverages, fruit juice, beer…! Comexem is intended for small businesses, individuals and large accounts, whether they are in Europe, Asia, Latin America or Africa.

Importation and exportation

We are not just a catalogue of products, but a true trusted partner to meet your needs!

Would you like to buy hazelnuts or olive oil, when these products are not listed in our catalogue? We are perfectly able to answer your request. Best of all, we will search for you potential suppliers, compare market prices and offer you the best value for money!

We are in direct and regular contact with different producers all over the world. We visit their plantations at least once a year to check the storage conditions of the raw materials, as well as their qualities to offer you the best products!

Contact us

We are at your disposal to answer
to your questions. No matter the product,
the quantity or the country of origin, we have the solution!

Today, Comexem offers several brands, including the Zabor brand for milk and fruit juices, the “Aceites Ferreiro” brand for olive oils, and the “Mikuna” brand for grains. It demonstrates our commitment to fair trade, one of the values that is important to society. Comexem markets its brands in different formats and containers, ranging from the simplest to the most luxurious. We already have many products at our disposal and are able to meet the most complex requirements.

Ours products